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Shel Silverstein


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I kissed Poly goodnight at her front door

She was such a proper Lady so I didn't ask for anything more!

But I was feeling OH so Groovy that I went to the movie

and I sat down and guess..... just what I saw,,,,,


I saw Polly in a porny down at the dirty flicks

I saw Polly in a porny I didn't know she knew them tricks

What I seen nearly struck me blind I never knew she was the theatrically inclined

I saw Polly in a porny with a pony and It nearly blowed my mind

Was she gallopin? (no no no) or was she trottin? (no no no)

Or was she riding across the country with some tall dark handsome person?

Or was she wearin' her cowboy hat?.... haha well not exactly that
But at least I recall she had her spurs on!


Shel Silverstein

September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999



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