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Town at Darlington


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Lost 0-2 to be fair could have been more,


Darlington looked good simple as that they were better all over the park, but with their budget what do you expect.


Worrying sign for us was how slow we looked in midfield and up top.


I also am beginning to wonder whether Dogan and Mannix can play together as they seem to do exactly the same job.


Early days so bring on Tuesday, (i might have dried out by then)

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I reckon we went there to lose, but keep the number of goals to a minimum (damage limitations).


Yes, they are better paid than our players, but as we saw last year when our former players, now at Runcorn, easily beat us in a cup match, it's all about playing football as a team. I keep saying, when we play football on the ground there are few that can beat us, but we're no good in the air and that seems to be how we play.

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Spot on Burgerman.  Dogan and Mannix went misssing yesterday, sitting back and letting West do all of the pressing and once again it was long ball mayhem. Poor Ben Wharton probably has whiplash trying to head misplaced passes and from being crashed into by Darlo defenders. The fullbacks were "roasted" and the front line weren't on it at all. If certain members of the team had worked harder it may have been a different story. Poor all round but I can't subscribe to Topshot's inference that we went there to lose  :oops:

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I think our performance wasn't too bad, despite the poor result.


We had a goal disallowed in the first few minutes, and I think there's video / photographic evidence somewhere that it was a poor decision.


We didn't have many chances, but I only counted our goalie (Dootson?) having to make 3 or 4 saves all game. Darlington did put pressure on us, but we generally handled it well. However, the long-ball game clearly wasn't working, especially during the windy conditions in the first half, I'm surprised there wasn't any change of plan there. Wharton seems to be a strong lad, I'd say this tactic might work against most, but the Darlington defence was too strong for him.


From speaking to supporters of quite a few different clubs, including Darlington's, their wage budget definitely isn't as big as it is made out to be, and a fair few also reckon that ours is probably bigger than theirs. I don't have any numbers so I am not going to comment on this, but it's just the impression I am getting.


I'm waiting until I see us face Northwich (who I believe actually have the biggest budget) before making any predictions for title favourites.

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