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Caldwells Forge photos


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Sorry I meant to post on here yesterday and forgot.  Don't understand the last bit of the sentence re gt uncle sorry.
When you say Caldwells Forge do you mean pics of it when it was based in Stockton Heath (upto 70's) or when it was in Dallam ?
I just posted this in reply to Algy where he said he was not aware of any photos of the forge on the 'Howley Boundary map' topic... I'm putting it here too so as to keep the two topics separate from now on. :oops: 

You are right Algy as I spent many many weeks trying to find some pics of the old SH Forge when they were talking about moving the machinery from the village (before it just disappeared) but to no avail. I'm sure I've got a couple somewhere on my old external hard drive of the inside though if memory serves me right which I think came to me via someone who had been given them by Mr Caldwell along with the info about the permanent loan of the machines to the council but I've not managed to find them yet.
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I'll have another look in a bit.  Maybe they are on a backup disc rather than my external hard drive.  Arrgh.. I need to be more organised.


Re your first post.... did your friends gt uncle work there or something ?

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