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It can't be helped It can't be stopped
When all is done and said
Whatever comes Whatever goes
Young folks keep getting wed

Now folks may kindly caution them
And marriage woes proclaim
But young'uns take no heed of them
They just get wed all t'same

Young chaps get lonely by themselves
And so do woman too
Therefore they go and tie themselves
In knots they can't undo

But still I wish them happiness
In every Sunday way
To t'gradely lad and bonny lass
That's reached their wedding day

May they each have t'others confidence
And may they never clem
May they allways trust each other
Even if t'grocer won't trust them

May all their lives be happiness
One endless toffee moon
No falling out espically if
They're up in a balloon

Here's luck to them Here's joy to them
a board and a bed
May they never know that they were born
Still less that they were wed

And so I end my jolly rhyme
With a wish we all may share
Enough of health, enough of wealth
To newly married pair.





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