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Space for CSOs in Town Centre

Ben 3Space

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I thought I'd post here on Warrington Worldwide in the hopes that you guys might be able to help me spread the word about an opportunity that the charity I work have for Warrington's Third Sector.


3Space is a registered charity which takes otherwise empty property and makes it available to charities, community groups and nonprofits on a non-commercial basis. We're able to make these properties available free of charge to other charities as long as they meet the requirements you can find on our website here.


We currently have a unit on Bridge Street where one of the JJB Sports shops used to be. It's a really big space which would work well for any number of "pop-up" or fundraising events, workshops or as a place to deliver current activities in a new area. Have a look at the details of the space here.

We really encourage our users to be creative- please have a look on our blog and our success stories to see how other spaces have previously been used.


If you guys can think of an charities, social enterprises or community groups that you think may be able to benefit from this space then please feel free to forward my details on to them or post about them here!




Ben (ben@3space.org)

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