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Observer's 'Naked Chef' sighting

Geoffrey Settle

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Just read this on Yahooo News by OBS who has spotted the 'Naked Chef' :rolleyes: and I thought he lived in Padgate :wink:


Nigella Lawson dubbed the new ‘naked chef’


Tue Aug 23 05:12PM by Edward Bovingdon


Despite spending a fortune transforming the former warehouse into a £12million Chelsea mansion, it seems the renovations have one fatal flaw.


The issue stems from a stylish loggia (a gallery with one side open to the elements) on one of the upper floors with a poorly placed bathroom just beyond.


Instead of opting to protect her modesty and installing a more practical frosted glass front, or perhaps a curtain, Lawson has decided to go ‘au natural’ unwittingly allowing her neighbours glimpses of the newly dubbed ‘naked chef’.


An ‘observer’ told the Daily Mail: “It isn’t a case of deliberately looking in, but there is a view into the bathroom and anyone glancing in the direction of the loggia from nearby can glimpse what’s going on.”


Miss Lawson reportedly "hooted with laughter" when told about her neighbours' sightings.


"I had no idea we were overlooked," she said. "Obviously, I will investigate."


Perhaps she needs a little more dressing


Begs the question what can you see from your window that you don't mind telling us about - I did see a lovely bullfinch at our feeding station the other day.

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