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Social Mobility?


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With the abject failiure of new Labour to improve upward mobility for the peasants, now (with even less money) Deputy PM Clegg has announced his aspirations for same. Perhaps a check list of barriers might help? 1) Do you live in a meritocracy, with appointment/election based solely on ability? 2) Are your parent(s) wealthy enough to afford entry into public schools, sufficiently wealthy or interested to move home near to the "best" school (new elite accademy or "faith" school); or are they sufficiently educated to motivate you to want to strive to be educated yourself in the first place? 3) Will you attend a "local" school, with classes of less than 20, where teachers are allowed to teach without disruption and where kids "rights" are balanced by a sense of their responsibilities? 4) Assuming you qualify, can you afford University fees? 5) Assuming you finish Uni with a quality degree, do you have access to the social networks (who you know) to gain a job placement? If you've answered "yes" to all the above, you should have made it, and can look forward to giving your kids the same opportunities! :wink:

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