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This 2010 film is mis-titled as Robin Hood. A better title might have been R.H. the Prequel -- because it explores an alternative universe of the Eleventh Century before the Magna Carta.


I loved the dialog and the spin on each one of the legendary figures except for Russell Crowe's character. He is still the magnificent unbelievably accurate archer. Cate Blanchett is a widowed Maid Marion, not an innocent ward of the Court or the Sheriff.


The villain, Godfrey, kills a Locksly during a skirmich in France. He speaks to Locksly and Locksly replies puzzlingly: You're English!

Godfrey replies, "When it suits me."


The maid prays for a miracle. The miracle would be if the Bishop in Nottingham would show a sense of Christian charity. Excellent writing and stunning visual scenes of English/French rivalry. One man whose house if to be burned down tells the marauders, "I'm half French on my mother's side!" Beautiful.

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