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A newly married young couple were very keen to become members of an obscure church. They were interviewed by the pastor, who was impressed by their sincerity, but went on to describe one final test to confirm their acceptance. "In order to prove that you are prepared to put the church above all else, you must refrain from any sort of sexual liaison for the next month. Are you both sure you can do this?"


"It won't be easy" they replied, "but we are sure we can do it".


"In that case" said the pastor, "come back and see me in a month and we can bestow full membership on you both".


However, they were back in only three weeks. "Alright, what happened?" asked the pastor.


"Well" said the young man, "the first week was very trying, but we were determined to fulfill our requirements and held out. Then the second week was much worse, but still we thought about what you said and abstained. Then yesterday I caught my wife bending over some tins of paint and I really couldn't help myself. I had to have my evil way there and then."


"I'm afraid that the congregation will take a dim view of this" said the pastor. The young man looked sheepish and replied "Well they weren't too happy in Homebase either".

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