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The Social Network


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We watched The Social Network last night. It was the fourth viewing for my grandson who is enthusiastic about it -- mainly for the Aaron Sorkin script.


First, there is no scientific instrument on this earth that can quantify how little I care about social networks, hackers, and dot.com billionaires. It's a yawner and I didn't intend to watch this film. But after viewing it in the company of two 20 year-olds last night I must praise the script and dialog as the most intelligent I've heard in years. Possibly Sorkin is a reincarnation of William Shakespeare because it is non-stop Richard III -- with daggers out and intrigue and double-crossing without a quiet moment.


I'm sure the producers tweaked the production to double-speed because it insists the viewer try to keep up with the pace by having every line delivered at the speed of thought -- not normal pace of discussions. In the opening scene the main character is dumped by a college girl and in the final scene he looks her up on Facebook with a wistful expression of 'I would trade it all if only we could have stayed together...' IMVHO.


One line I wish I could have remembered is something like: why are Jewish men attracted to hot Asian girls? Because they are NOT Jewish, are very intelligent, and they can't dance.

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Some interesting TV discussions on the importance (or otherwise) in the use of "social networks" in fermenting protest and revolution (as in Tunisia) - BUT - it appears to be a two edged sword. Seems repressive regimes can use mobile phone location and e-mails to track the ring leaders and thus round them up! :shock:

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I don't think that Gary would agree with you Obs :wink: he thinks highly of this forum and its members contributions - but revolution in Warrington :?: perhaps not.


However the Shirky sites the lifting of the ban of American Beef in South Korea followinbg the Mad Cow disease. The youngsters used staged public protest through the centre of Seoul - candlelight vigils - frightened and angry - a threat to public health in their eyes. This revolt began on a pop website (DBSK) discussion forum. :roll: who would have thought it :roll: - certainly not the South Korean Government.

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