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A German film with sub-titles: apparently a fact based film, about "Operation Bernard" - a Nazi plan to flood the UK and US economies with fake bank notes. The fake notes were produced by a special team of "jewish" forgers in a Nazi death camp. The British currency was placed on deposit in a Swiss Bank, and some sent to the Bank of England for checking - the Bof E said they were genuine! :shock:

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No, I missed that part of it. Maybe mine was a different production on that theme. I thought it was a first class production with recognizable actors at the time, possibly a BBC television effort. The interesting part was the description of the pound note -- rather plain printing on plain paper whereas American money is engraved with near microscopic details. Perhaps that's been the thing that's kept it universally accepted despite the nation's fiscal policies.


In one of Kurt Vonnegut's novels he describes an Armenian forger who was trained by an art teacher when his skill became noticeable. The teacher gave him a note to copy, and he returned his copy to the teacher saying, 'here's your note back' -- and when the teacher didn't notice that it was a copy, he never saw that teacher again, saying he had nothing more to learn from him.


There's an American forger whose name escapes me whose freehand forgeries are worth more to collectors than the face value of the note.

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