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I think the anniverasy is the 8th or 9th Sept: interesting battle, in which the Scots held an unasailable position on Flodden Hill, but were tempted down to meet the English march around their rear. An initially successfull charge by their impetuous Highlanders routed the English Van, which then brought on the engagement of their centres - which is where it all went wrong for the Scots. Having been newly trained to use the "modern" 18ft pike, which required absolute dicipline and order, the Scots found difficulty getting traction on the wet slippery ground, which limited the momentum of their advance; the English Billmen were able to chop up the pikes like matchwood, then chop up their owners; including a large number of their nobility, who (for once) were on foot. Another Stanley, with the rear guard, played a key part, by routing the Scots highland right, then turning in on the rear of the Scots main battle to complete the slaughter. Many Cheshire archers served under Stanley, be interested if any Warringtonians were there? :?

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