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Throughout August and September 1940, the Battle of Britain took place in the skies above Britain. Through good forsight, the use of radar and an efficient mobilisation system, and through good fortune, the production of two modern fighter planes (Spitfire and Hurricane); and through the determination of Air Marshal Dowding and 700 planes flown by brave professionals - Britain was saved from Invasion - allowing us to fight on alone (Mr Cameron pls note), until June and December 1941. :shock:

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You should know that I know; small numbers of foreign contigents fought with us against the Nazis; so are you claiming this justifies their grandkids living here or what? :roll: In the case of the Poles (listening to intervews with veterans), it was ultimately to free their own Country, so they could return, sadly in their case, one oppressor was exchanged for another. :cry:

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Wow, I learned a lot in this exchange. I have the DVD "Battle of Britain" movie dramatized version -- Henry Andrews, Michael Caine, Trevor Howard, Curt Jurgens, Ian McShane (ugh!), Kenneth More, Laurence Olivier, Nigel Patrick, Christopher Plummer, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Patrick Wymark, Susannah York, and Edward Fox and now I have a new phrase to use when it is called for -- "economical with the truth."


If there is one thing American media is today, 2010 , it is economical with the truth, and overly generous with diversionary nonsense.


(I suspect Curt Jurgens dramatized the Nazi version of the air war)


Thank you fellows.

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Thanks Obs for your concern :wink::lol:


Jerry, I to have a copy of the battle of Britain, it is a fantastic film.


As to being economical with the truth, I think a man called Sir Robert Armstrong used the phrase during the Spycatcher book farse in the 1980's. Although it is probably older than that :wink:

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