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NHS privatisation.

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So they're scrapping the Strategic Health Authorities and PCTs - errm good - on the face of it - time all those unelected Quangos went anyway. BUT, if all the money is then transfered directly to GPs to commission services on behalf of the patient - will they be spending all their time on admin (most struggle with their PCs at the moment!) or will they buy in this Health Management expertise from private sector providers, bolstered by a sudden influx of Health Managers being made redundant from the NHS? And with GPs having control of "their own" budgets, which are finite, what happens when they run out of money? Do we bale them out, like we did the Banks? Aside from Tory dogma, the motivation for yet another round of reorganisation is cuts; but will a cheaper service turn out to be just that - cheap? :?

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