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Full Metal Jacket -


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Captures the essence of basic military training during the VietNam period, in a time when Sgt Majors could actually shout (and swear) at recruits. The guy who played the Gunnery Sgt Maj (forgot his name for the minute), was apparently a USMC drill instructor in real life, and it shows in his entertaining portrayal. :wink:

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Many "old" films are preferable to some of the c**p being released nowadays. Think you'll find national service ended before the VietNam period; but volunteers still had to put up with being shouted at etc; nowadays they'd probably sue the MOD for damage to their ear drums! :wink:

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My grandson, now 19, memorized that drill sergeant's rants about 4 years ago -- has the DVD and can play and replay it. Lee Ermey was indeed a USMC drill instructor and added verisimilitude to that Stanley Kubrick drama.


Private Joker -- I like you! Hxxx, you can come over to my house and....


I want that (latrine) to be so clean the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to.....

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