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Iwo Jima?


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Watched two films (back to back), produced and diredted by Clint Eastwood: "Flags of our fathers" from the US perspective and "Letter from Iwo Jima" from the Jap perspective. The former dealt with the story of the Marines who were photagraphed raising the US flag on Mount Surabachi - making the point that the press and the public create "heros" out of some need; the guys actually involved fight, not for King and Country, but for each other in whatever hell hole they're sent to. The Jap film examined the conflict between the brainwashing culture of "bushido" and the unatural desire to "die" for the Emperor and the inate human desire to survive.

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Yes, that's possible. I don't know what year those letters were found but in any case they wouldn't have gotten to her. She was living in Kyushu countryside to escape Tokyo bombing. She maintained connections with her ancestral hometown and registered our son's birth with their ministry -- I suppose in case he might choose to live in Japan.


Some years ago I read a story in The New Yorker about caches of letters from German soldiers at Stalingrad -- they had been buried en masse by bulldozers and after 50 years the rains uncovered a lot of bodies and mail boxes. They got delivered!!! Many German families heard from their fathers, brothers or uncles 50 years later!!!

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