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X-factor - LymmParent & Observer

Geoffrey Settle

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As Obs and LymmParent battle it out over Mrs Obs TV viewing the X-Factor another storm brewed last night.


The Westlife manager - who returned to the ITV talent show - said his fellow judge had bent the rules after giving his contestant Jamie Archer a U2 song to sing on Big Band night.


Talking about Jamie's performance of 'Angel of Harlem' - which was changed on Friday (23.10.09) from Elvis Presley's 'If I Can Dream' - Louis said: "I'm a bit confused because the theme is big band and you came out and sang a U2 song. I know your mentor changed your song but I feel it's cheating everyone else. I wouldn't get away with it and neither would the girls - I don't know why Simon does'



Simple Louis he's Simon and it's his show, plus it boosts the ratings just like the ongoing Giangantic battle here on WWW between LymmParent and Observer - two heavyweights.


I must say though in Mrs Obs defense that Jamie did deliver a solid version of the U2 classic and wasn't it backed by a BIG Band with no Edge in sight :D



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