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The '45?


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The Jacobite rebellion of 1745, in which Bonnie Prince Charlie marched his Army all the way down to Derby and back, culminating the slaughter of the incompetently led Highland Army at Culloden (the last battle on British soil) is interesting, as the consequest "pacification" of the Highlands has parrallels with the current war in Afghanistan. :? The English (containing many Germans and lowland Scots), build a string of fortresses throughout the Highlands, from where they sallied to burn and pillage the homes of the local population. :shock: Sheep farming replaced the crofting of the feudal peasants, making them redundant and the great diaspora of Highlanders throughout the British Empire began. :cry: Meanwhile, their feudal Lairds, sent their sons to be educated in English public schools thus becoming part of the British establishment. :roll: Ethnic cleansing on a vast scale - not sure modern public opinion would allow such a solution nowadays?! :?

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Och aye the noo! :wink: Some Highland survivors, having responded to their feudal Clan Chiefs call to arms, were tried, in English, even though they spoke only Gaelic, and sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered as traitors. :shock: The Clan Chief of the Clan Grant, gave up some of his retainers for deportation to the West Indies as a token of his new found loyalty to the Crown. :roll: Bonnie Prince Charlie and his incompetant military advisor, O'Sullivan; returned to Italy to live`out the rest of their lives in luxury - hence the truth of the old saying - "it's the rich who get the pleasure, and the poor who get the blame - ain't it all a b%%y shame". :evil:

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