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1941 film MANHUNT


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Our cable provider ran an old 1941 black and white feature with Walter Pigeon and Charles Sanders (as a Nazi!) with Joan Bennett as a 'bit o'all right' -- I suppose it could be called a propaganda film. Pigeon as game hunter has der Fuhrer in his sites, but gets arrested, tortured, and escapes back to England, only to be harassed by pro-German Brits including a trumped charge by Scotland Yard. I loved the language, when Joan (a simple shop girl fascinated by a REAL GENT needin' 'er help) says, "Oo, is pestering oo?


I saw this over 50 years ago, but still found it worthy of my time again. I know that isn't the correct spelling of Pigeon but can't figure how it should be spelled. I wonder if he was really Brit? By the way, Rodd Mac was also in it, helping him escape on a Danish ship from Germany to London.

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