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Extraordinary Rendition?


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There is now suspicion, that MI5 were hanging onto the coat tails of the CIA, in being allegedly complicit in the imprisonment and torture of suspected terrorists. :shock: IF this proves to be true; and perhaps a Judicial Inquiry will be required to establish the facts; one wonders why the UK will not deport suspects back to their Country of origin for fear of them being tortured? :?:roll:

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You will never know unless you vote :wink:


I am that sick of the Tories and Labour making promises to get elected and then forgetting about them when they get in, I will vote Liberal at the next election just to give them a chance :!:


I have a long memory I remember how bad the Tories were and I am living under Labour crap now. I am not old enough to remember a crap Liberal government :lol::wink:

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