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Destiny - You and I poem


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Theres nothing to fear

in this world of ours

now we are together

We have found one another at last

the journeys just begining

Our dreams together

are being built

the power of hearts combined

will guide us the way


lighting up every today and tomorrow

theres nothing to stop us now

we shall sail on in the arms of each other

on the waves of time that goes on forever

to the new distant horzian

that lays before us


There was a time

where the the doubts spoke out more

But now because of you

I still believe wishes sometimes still happen

That prayers are heard too

And that destiny is for real

for someone was watching me from up above

hand in hand, heart to heart

Now We are walking

Along the shore of our destiny


We walked this earth not knowing

we were out there

And now your footprints are on my heart

there wont be a place

we wont be together

For now and forever


everyday is ours the time is now

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