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:( Cammell Laird have made the shock announcement that the credit crunch has finally hit the UniBond Premier club and that they will be reverting to amateur status with immediate effect. Players who wish to leave will be helped to find alternative clubs but the club vows to see out the current campaign in the UniBond League Premier Division.


Chairman John Lynch and his board of directors have fought hard to meet their financial commitments so far this season but the point has now been reached where the present situation cannot continue. Match day revenue is down despite being promoted last season and an early exit from both major cup competitions means that prize money received has been below minimum expectations.

Lairds' Chief Executive George Higham said in a statement; ?Whilst we are grateful to our loyal and growing band of sponsors for their generous contributions, the club needs considerably more commercial income, which is not practical to expect in today's economic climate. Our crowds have remained one of the lowest in the League and so we have missed out on valuable gate receipts which clubs at our level rely on. The situation is now so serious that urgent and drastic action is needed to save the club from a financial meltdown that could lead to its ultimate failure. Decisions will be taken which may not always be popular with players and supporters but will be designed only to try to safeguard the future of the club and to see all the games played this season. It is hoped that the supporters of Cammell Laird will both understand the situation the club finds itself in and will rally to the common cause of fighting for a future. If together we can get through the next few months then the club management will have a chance to take the club forward and retain our rightful place in the local non league football hierarchy.?

Lairds, who celebrated their centenary season last year, have had a fairytale rise up the Non League Pyramid over the last five years with four promotions in that time taking them to within three steps of the Football League. National success was also enjoyed in reaching the semi final of the FA Vase three years ago.


Higham continued; ?The ability to make the leap from the West Cheshire League has been facilitated by Chairman John Lynch and without his knowledge and generosity the adventure wouldn't have happened at all. It is becoming increasingly expensive to operate a football club at semi professional levels, we will be the third UniBond League club to revert to amateur status this season and, on a national scale, we certainly won't be the last. What is for sure is that we are a proud little club and we are certainly not down and out. We will, over the next few days take stock and see what we are working with. We hope the footballing community of Wirral rally together with our existing die hard supporters and ensure that Cammell Laird Football Club has a future and can continue to provide the entertainment they have become renowned for. Any local businesses who wish to get involved with Lairds are urged to contact the club by email to lairds1907@gmail.com


Manager Derek Ward faces an anxious few days as players make up their minds what they want to do and is hoping to have as strong a squad as possible to take up to Whitby Town on Saturday 6th December.


All enquiries for players must be made through Derek Ward by emailing lairds1907@gmail.com Any contracted players will command a transfer fee.

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