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reserve team

Dave P

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Following some rather disparaging comments i have recently recieved i would like to hopefully dispell some misconceptions that people may have about our current reserve team.


1) The average age of the squad is currently 20 with several players still in their teens. The oldest player in the squad is 23 and happens to be a lad who has represented this club at every level including first team.


2) The team is probably the youngest playing in the cheshire league within the warrington area. Compared to Padgate, Crosfields, Monks, Eagle, etc...


3) In the last four seasons thirteen players from the reserves have been selected for first team appearances including five this season. Unfortunately some of these lads from previous seasons have moved on and four are currently playing regularly for teams either above or at the same level as our first team.


4) The reserve lads play for nothing, in fact they actually pay to play !!, and are very loyal to the club many of them having turned down moves to higher placed teams in order to try to break into the first team at Town


5) The last four seasons have seen the team play in three cup finals, winning two, and never finishing outside of the top five in the league.


I would like to think that the players, coaches and everyone conected with the reserve team are doing the job that is asked of them, and with the progression of the better youth team players into the current squad hopefully we may continue to provide the first team manager with some local talent to consider

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I have not been to a reserve game for a little while now (due to 1st team cup games, both teams being away & like tomorrow going to the odd 1st team away league match) and I am infact missing it.


The is of course the fact that I can relax as there are not the various jobs to do, but also that there is a good atmoshere, and some good football being played. Paul the coach also manages Sam's under 9's (He has a really busy week) and I was chating to him last week.


Reserves have a good attitude and really do make a crontribution!


Going back to that prickally subject of the 1st team manager, I do agree that if over the season we have not made real progress he should walk, however for the sake of the reserves, youth team and everything else going on (even the new bar) lets not go changing thinks mis-season!


anyway back to the reserves, good luke for the rest of the season and see you on the 6th Dec (if not before) miss you.

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