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The WATCHMEN are coming March 2009


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God help us all!!! After Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Daredevil and other superhero comic characters, we will be treated to (at least) seven Alternate History masked crusaders in the new film by the director of "300".


It's a dark look at the USA in 1985 -- made into a graphic novel that won a place in the best 100 English language novels from 1923 to the present. Nixon runs for a third and fourth term (he's prez in 1985) and one of the heroes (the Comedian) rescued the Iranian hostages during his term.


Kitty Genovese still is raped and killed outside her own New YOrk City apartment building with at least 40 witnesses who do not bother to call the police.


I haven't completed the novel yet but under the comic book prose there is heavy philosophy, psychology, science fiction, and quotes by William Blake, Niestche, Einstein, and others.


I think the Comedian is the alternate JOKER, and Nite Owl is the alternate BATMAN. Haven't solved the rest yet.

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I saw a brief trailer that included Dr. Manhattan (similar to The Spirit?) as a clear blue, see through, anatomically correct, survivor of an atomic energy test (hence the 'Manhattan' tag). I didn't think they could do that, but it looks terrific. After reading the graphic novel to completion I would have to include it in the top 100 novels since 1923. Let's also include Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, eh?


That is interpreting 'novel' as something NEW!

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The graphic novel-film opens today in our neighborhood and my grandson has pre-purchased reserve seats and will report to me tonight. I've seen additional clips on TV and it seems faithful to the printed book so far. (I have given up my title of Mr. First Nighter)

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I finally got to see WATCHMEN on DVD. My grandson didn't appreciate it at the big screen back in March. He isn't into all that philosophy (is humanity worth saving?) and gritty urban violence. Two superheroes have competing ideas for humanity. One would sacrifice 15 million people to save all the rest, the other thinks nature should take its course without intervention. Let nuclear war happen. However most of the film is set to one on one level with mano a mano struggling.


I thought it's the best film of 2009 and can't imagine why people would rather spend ticket money or zombie and vampire trash. Hm. Which superhero would I agree with?

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