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War Babies


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Hi All


I am sure there are lots of people in a similar situation.


My father has put together this short video to express who is in search of - his birth father.







My father sadly lost his mother in January of this year. The day after he lost his mum and looking through her papers and a chat with her brother he discovered that his dad was not his birth father. It is now too late to ask his mother any questions. In 1941 my Nan was stationed in the ATS at Saighton Army Camp, Chester, UK, she was 19 years old. My father has spoken to one of her friends who she was stationed with in the ATS and her name is Marie Marshall she was nicknamed ?Ongar.? My Nan?s name was Tamar Garrard she came from Ongar, Essex and lived there all her life. We now know that she met a man called Mr G Moss during 1943, working back the dates, my father was conceived in September 1943, and he was born on the 4th June 1944. On the 29th June 1944 the case against Mr G Moss was taken to court by my great grandmother to pay child maintenance, the case was proved against him, and he had to pay my grandmother 7/6 per week until my father attained the age of 16yrs, we were told he never missed a payment. My father has a copy of the court hearing. There was no first name, date of birth or address to give us any clues, as to his true identity. I do appreciate that many many years have passed by and that the man we are hoping to find could possibly have sadly died, and that he may not even have told anyone. My father would so desperately love to find out his roots and I am doing my best to help him. My father is the oldest of ten children and they are all just as shocked with his findings. He is very happily married and has a strong and loving family unit. I want you to understand that he is not looking for an extended family as he has his family, which he is very proud of. He is a retired Police Officer and is now enjoying his retirement, with now the additional task to find the missing piece of the puzzle.


I am aware that this has happened to many many people, I have posted on many websites and have had some wonderful helpful advice. You never know someone may remember my Nan or indeed a Mr G Moss (if only we had his first name and date of birth, we are assuming George but it may not be). He most certainly would be in his 80's now and sadly may have passed away.



Thank you for reading and kindest regards



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