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The Good German


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Wow! What a great old fashioned film that was in black and white with newsreel footage from Berlin, July 1945. George Clooney is like the private eye in those film noir stories of the 40s, who gets beaten up, and sapped, while he tries to find and help the girl, Cate Blanchett. The dialog is sparkling, George: You did nothing wrong! Cate: I SURVIVED! That's actually a crucial bit of the dialog. All the actors were good. There were a few scenes here and there that were not believable, like Tobey McGuire beating up Clooney, but it was a great trip back to the 40s and the big issues like who gets what trophies from Berlin.

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After posting the above review I went to the 'net to see what other viewers had to say in the imdb. Seems I was correct in thinking that CASABLANCA and THE THIRD MAN were inspirational to this production -- also someone suggested Cate was channeling Marlene Dietrich, which I also might have mentioned. There were dozens of comments about Tobey and others beating up Clooney, so I seem to be mainstream.

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