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East Midlands Trains


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Those long standing members will know of my continued banging on about the poor train service Warrington gets at Central station in particular.


Unfortunately since the above took over from Central Trains the service has got quickly worse (if that could be possible). 2 carriages (capacity about 150) for 400 passengers. People are frequently left behind at both Central and Birchwood. Indeed a fight with the train staff nearly broke out this morning.


I have taken this up with Helen S (MP) to be told that the situation will not improve probably for at least 1 year if not until 2010.


As a contrast First Trans Pennine regulary run 6 carriages on earlier and later services. Unfortunately EMT run the peak services arriving in Manchester before 9 and leaving after 5:30.


Can i just ask any readers / posters who are affected by this to complain and complain everytime. Passengers in Bristol got First to do something about their service and improvements have happened there.


I understand trains are over capacity by 150% and thsi will be getting worse. 180 complaints alone were received by EMT last month and the sooner this goes up the more might be done.


The Councils silence on this is defeaning....


Cheers rant over ( a lot calmer now than i was at 9am this morning anyway!!)

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