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They don't learn, do they ?


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Over 50 Labour MPs supported an amendment to the Queen's Speech, calling for the UK to stay within the single market. Apparently contrary to the Labour whip, which meant 4 being sacked as shadow ministers. These people aren't part of the new Corbyn revolution which claims to be in touch with "the many", but part of the same old, same old Westminster bubble, that still arrogantly claims to know it all, and certainly knows more than the majority who voted to leave the EU in last year's referendum. They assert that they respect the referendum decision, whilst blatantly trying to undermine it. There is no such thing as "a soft Brexit";  staying in the single market = free movement, staying in the customs union = staying in the EU.  Some kind of Norwegian model, simply doesn't do it; as it means still paying into the EU, still accepting immigration, but without any access to the political decision making. These are the people that Jeremy needs to beware of on the Ides of March, and who voters need to beware of at election time.     :ph34r:.       

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