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Sankey Valley Regeneration by stealth ?


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We've had the Warrington Tyre Wall controversy and now welcome to the Gulliver's World Wire Wall  saga !!

 Under the guise of protecting woodland from, walkers/local residents, Gullies are in process of erecting an 8 foot fence around a plot of land owned by them adjacent to their theme park. The construction is at present stalled due to the absence of planning permission and is under an enforcement notice. Half of the woodland was cleared last year and the woodland authorities notified and  a  10 year maintenance plan agreed for the remainder.


The question arises of why it's necessary to build an 8 foot fence around the entire area? Wouldn't a picket fence do the job or is it because the area involved was designated  as a caravan site and camping area when WBC/Warrington & Co/ Gulliver's World colluded to turn Gullies fiefdom into a Regional Destination ? The scheme was passed by the lick spittle councillors  and passed to the executive. Elections intervened  the cash dried up but the plan still lies with the executive who "are minded to consider element in the future"  Is it possible that elements of the SVRP are still on the books? Perhaps we could have a Steve Parrish comment. That's if he still reads this whinge column ***!!!!

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