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Houghton Green Mission Rooms


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Right out of the blue, I've received a plea for help from an ex resident of the area in finding any photographs/stories/memories of the above.


The chap in question was christened there (50s) and his mum used to teach there (40s I think). I've met one or two people around here who remember attending services there - apparently the minister from St Oswald's used to cycle over after holding mass at Winwick.


I've googled but really can't find much, and I know there's a few posters on here who are much better at this kind of stuff than I am.


Would be grateful for anything anyone can come up with.

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Hi Tracey and thanks for looking.


I spent a bit of time in the library a couple of weeks ago and the only reference I could find was a closure notice published in the Warrington Gruan on 4th June 1971. It refers to the St Oswald's Newsletter of the same month, and the Rector at the time was one Canon J Lawton. The building was/is on Radley Lane.


There have been some developments. After doing some asking around I copied the letter and passed it on to a couple of people who said they may be able to help. I think the ex resident is now in possession of some pictures and a little bit of history, though I haven't seen them myself.

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