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Going The Extra Mile Scuba Challenge


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6th September 2014

Event: Going The Extra Mile Scuba Challenge

Location: Woolston Leisure Centre - 3.30pm to 6.30pm

Details: Would you like to take the plunge and do something enjoyable – and at the same time raise some money for Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP)? If so, why not make a splash for cash at our Going The Extra Mile Scuba Challenge! First-time and non-qualified divers are invited to join us at Woolston Leisure Centre to participate in a fully supervised Try Dive for a minimum sponsorship amount of £30. All proceeds will go to WDP, which will enable us to continue delivering our services that support disabled people, their carers and families. Qualified divers have the option of taking part in two Deep Dives (to be held at Capernwray and Eccleston Delph) and / or a 64-length Pool Dive back at Woolston Leisure Centre. We ask that any divers who are looking to pursue this option to please generate a minimum sponsorship amount of £40 in support of our services. For more details in regards to the Try Dive, please contact Janis or Marie in the Fundraising Team on 01925 240064. Information about the Deep Dives and Pool Dive can be obtained from Dave Thompson MBE DL. Please contact him on 01925 664064 or at dave.thompson@5bp.nhs.uk To make a donation, please visit the JustGiving website at https://www.justgiving.com/scubachallenge2014/

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