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Rowing Club Regatta & St Rocco's Dragon Boat Race

Geoffrey Settle

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At weekend I spent both a wet and sunny Saturday 2nd and a sunny Sunday 3rd August giving out prizes and watching people in boats having lots of fun. :mrgreen:


On Saturday it was the Warrington Rowing Clubs Regatta at Howley when I had to shelter from the rain and had a great tour of the facilities, learning a great deal about a sport I knew nothing about. Warrington Rowing Club did very well competing against strong competition from as far away as Yorkshire and across the North West. I was very impressed with the strength and depth of our youngsters especially a young group of female rowers who had just returned from championships in Nottingham where they did very well.


On Sunday I returned to the same venue to watch the St Roccos Annual Dragon Boat Race and I was surprised to find out that many of the competitors had very little or no preparation for the event apart from a comprehensive briefing session. Oh there was one team that admitted putting a row of chairs together in the office and practiced their rowing techniques in that way.

Everyone on Sunday was there to raise money for St Roccos whereas on Saturday they were chasing medals and tankards.


The common theme to both events was FUN and satisfaction of achieving a goal – well done to all.






The four finalists approach the Finish Line ........




The Winners 'The Mighty Ducks' in a time of 1.25.12  - they were quackers :P


Maybe there will be a Warrington Worldwide entry with Dizzy beating the drum next year?

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