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kING Arthur, Keira Knightly and Titus Pullo


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For some reason the recent film of King Arthur with the TRUE legend didn't play well here, and disappeared before I could see it. Last night it was on cable (as I surfed the broadband)and there was Titus Pullo (from ROME) sacrificing himself to cut the lake ice so the enemy soldiers would fall in and freeze, thus preventing their attack on his friends on the other side (lake, river?). It was typical of Titus who is the best thing about the 10 hour series: Rome.


The Arthur movie gave us a glimpse of the Hadrian Wall - looking nice and fresh, and when an official passed out Roman carte blanches to their empire, one or two of the locals scoffed as if these legionairres had no empire to return to. Interesting premise, wish I had seen the movie.

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