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I am content for where I have been

I am content for all I have seen

I am content for the good and the bad

I am content for the life I have had

I am content


Now my life is nearing it's end

There isn't much time for me to spend

With the daughter I found after many, many years

Good times are overshadowed with the flowing tears

But I am content


The time is near to say goodnight

The end of a l;ife is within my sight

I have had love, lost love and found it anew

People this lucky are a numbered few

I am content


I've made mistakes, but haven't we all ?

I have faltered, stumbled, avoided a fall

I rose from all this and made amends

Done every needed the breaks to mend

I am content


To those I leave behind, remember this well

Don't spend your life shut tight in a cell

Live and Love, your life is your call

As long as you don't try to please them all

But ... Be content





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