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Hope Springs - romantic comedy


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Stumbled across a Colin Firth, Heather Graham, Minnie Driver, Mary Steenbergen, Oliver Platt film -- and for several personal reasons stayed with it. It's really a very well written story -- such as they don't make anymore. Colin's character is even named Colin. Just one of the memorable scenes finds Colin and Minnie meeting for a personal chat on a golf course, because she needs a cigarette and most places in Hope Springs people don't abide cigarettes, and even on the golf course they are challenged. But the rules say smoking is allowed! Ah, but only if you are playing GOLF!!! It's a British fellow in America with an Englishwoman chasing him with a 300 year old geneology. He points out an obvious phony entry -- she says Jones is very common Welsh name, and he replies but married to a Catherine Zeta in 1845? VHS rental?


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