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Geoffrey Settle

Warrington's bid for City of Culture 2021 DOESN'T reach the FINAL 5

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On ‎04‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 2:13 PM, grey_man said:

Geoff (and others)

I don't know whether you're still interested but this is the video supporting Stoke's bid. 


I wouldn't even say Stoke is favourite but you can see Warrington's problem. Not only is it an inferior candidate, all I've seen so far from WBC are some t-shirts, a couple of press releases and a competition to get kids and amateur artists to send some work in to be pinned up in the council's offices. You have to wonder whether anybody thought any of this through before spending time and money on it.  

This is not to say that Warrington isn't a great place in many ways, but you just know if the council came up with a promotional video, it would be like this.


Cultural Drive will continue despite failed city of culture bid:


Hi Grey_man as you predicted Warrington didn't make it but Stoke with their great video did and they are through to the final 5 including my old student town of Coventry, where I saw Chuck Berry and his daughter play live at the theatre.

Are you sure this video isn't for the new 6 optional coloured routes for the Westlink?

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