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Found 27 results

  1. Who would have thought it!!? Seems Wolves now going to be facing a relegation battle in the middle 8s rather than competing in the Super 8s
  2. Latest video interview following the disappointing start to season Surprise you have not commented yet Wire Wire - I did it especially for you!!
  3. Things going from bad to worse and Hull up next!
  4. Love the Wire being back but personally think the new Wolf lacks bite.
  5. For more great pictures
  6. Especially for you Wire Wire
  8. Thoughts?
  9. Gallery of nearly 80 photos now online
  10. Match report and pictures now online
  11. Video interview now online including some injury updates
  12. Video interview now online
  13. Return of a living legend!
  14. Sad way to end his career just missing out on that illusive Grand Final winners ring! Will still go down as one of the club's all time greats!
  15. Just 24 hours after Tony Smith said future still up for discussion
  16. Been a while -
  17. Full details
  18. next season
  19. Just what wasMicky Higham saying to Tony Smith after another MoM performance? Clear off and get your own champagne!
  20. Even Safeway would enjoy this!!
  21. Cracking start to the game but then got a bit scrappy. Report and more pictures CLICK HERE
  22. Last one for you to endure Safeway
  23. Video interview with Lee now online I wonder if he will match Mark Forster's remarkable achievement of a double testimonial after 20 years at one club!!? He will if he is still playing at Brett Hodgson's age!
  24. Inspirational
  25. Video interview with Paul Wood as he looks forward to the new season after becoming one of the most famous rugby league players in the world!