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Warrington Borough Council giving in to travellers

Nick Tessla

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they are setting up a group to meet the needs of travellers - apparently because if they don't the little darlings will just break the law.



Can I suggest a similar group be set up to buy electrical goods for burglars to fence, to try and stop them nicking stuff :roll:  - in case anyone from the council reads this and thinks it's a good idea, I am joking!

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An age old problem that has been going on for centuries and irrespective of the law, is likely to continue doing so for many years to come, the majorityof these 'travellers' have no fixed identity, rarely pay fines, have no national insurance number, don't pay income tax, deal entirely in cash transactions and are almost untraceable, they live in a closed society of their own making with their own laws and laugh at the likes of us idiots shackled in the manacles of bureaucracy.

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