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Horror films


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I can remember when we thought Rosemary's Baby and THE EXORCIST were horrific. Watched them recently with my grandson and we both found them pitifully pedestrian. I remember films about giant mutations - THEM, the original GODZILLA, TARANTULA, THE THING, and none gave my boy the tiniest twinge.


I find all supernatural horror films ridiculous, incapable of stirring any reaction. And the films with super special effects leave me wondering 'how they did that'- without raising any concern about the actors on the screen.


I suppose the only subjects that I worry about now are the stories about our future - like Children of Men, or Tom Cruises's MINORITY REPORT, or the many police state films set in the future.


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Ruggero Deodato's 'Cannibal Holocaust' is quite good, but only because how shocking the film is. Rape, burning villages, new-born-baby-killing and impaled women.

All round family fun.


But seriously though, I got it dead cheap on VHS years ago and it's one of those films that has deteriorated and isn't playable anymore.

I'm slightly thankful that I'm too lazy to buy the DVD.

I think I enjoyed the buzz of buying such a film when I was blatantly underage. :P

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