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Judge Peter Bowers


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Judge Peter Bowers - y'all remember him? He was the idiot who described a burgler as heroic causing a public outcry and a series of complaints against him. Well he has only been gone and done it again. -

A paedophile caught with indecent pictures of children he made on his pc was on a suspended sentence when caught again with more indecent pictures of children on his pc. This 'bleeding heart' judge has given him a second suspended sentence because he would suffer badly if he went to prison. So what!?

Time this judge was pensioned off methinks.

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This is going to sound like a defence and in part it is, but i come across judges daily as part of my job and its a little more complex than the average mail reader thinks. 


There are sentencing guidelines. This limits what a judge can and cannot do. Gets it wrong, the individual appeals (legal aid costs, appeal court costs etc), under does it the AG appeals (ditto). Point to note. The courts are skint. Either way, a judge being regularly appealed is finished. I have come across judges who made decisions solely on the basis of avoiding being appealed. This is a culture within the judiciary rather than that of the individual judge, 


I would rather have a go at the politicians who influence these guidelines rather than the individual, although I readily concede that I have come across judges somewhat way away from reality and arguably promoted above their ability. I suspect this issue has arisen as a result of a bit of both.

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