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Photos taken this month, March.


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Not a brilliant month for photography but heres some from this month. the ones taken in Shropshire were shot today Sun 31/03/13.



I came across this Buzzard sat on top of a hedge in a country lane in Shropshire and he or she obligingly posed for me as I snapped him out of the open window of our car, it flew across the lane and alighted on a road sign and only flew off when to 'lycra loonies' came round the bend on their bikes.








I took this shot from the car park at John Lewis's, Cheadle while waiting for Mrs Algy.




Chemical Products Tanker the Atlantic Gemini leaving the Mersey.






Thatched Cottage near Lyneal. Shropshire.



Elizabethan ruin, Moreton corbet Castle, Nr Shawbury, Salop.



And finally no camera clicking session is complete without a shot of the old 'Water Sparrow' - Mallard drake paddling on Ellesmere.


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Great pics Algy especially the buzzard ones.  The 3rd one looks like Mr Buzz is glaring in your direction saying 'for god sake man haven't you taken enough now... leave me alone I'm getting stiff from all this posing !! ' :lol:  


Re the thatched cottage....What a lovely building but were all the bricks, timber lines and windows actually that wonky to the real eye ?  Either a very drunk bricky or giant moles pushing the foundations up in a very weird way if it was.  I wonder how much their insurance is :lol:      

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The left side of the cottage is the original building and from the 'step down' in the roof to the right is the more recent build, and yes the beams and brickwork are all 'wonky' as you say, don't forget when the original part of the cottage was built there were no foundations as we know them and over the years it has settled.

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Thanks PJ, I took a few of the ruin but I picked this one as it reminded me of a giant grave stone leaning to one side.


Asp, the hawk eating the pigeon would almost certainly have been a sparrowhawk (grey in colour} although other birds of prey that are partial to pigeons are buzzards, peregrine falcons and goshawks, the latter is unlikely but not immpossible.


Baz, buzzards are very common nowadays, a few years ago they were rare in this area due to the farmers and gamekeepers poisoning them, thankfully this practice is illegal and appears to have stopped.

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