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Gothic Horror.


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The kicking to death of Sophie Lancaster was appalling enough, but what really alarmed me was the attitude dispayed by the 15 year old thugs AND THEIR PARENTS, at subsequent police interviews, according to the investigating officer. :o It seems we now have a sub-culture of sub-human sociopaths, and whether the causation is genetic or enviromental is open to debate; but perhaps we should treat them as being mentally ill (as well as mentally deficient) and lock them up in a padded cell for the rest of their natural life? :x

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There was a very moving piece on BBC North West Tonight - on Thursday evening.


The observations from reporters attending the court case about the culprits, parents and friends of the culprit - sum up how low some people have become in the Goth case and in others more closer to home.


Hopefully the one's that escaped prosecution this time will be watched closely by the police so that when the next they slip up they will be caught and put away.


You don't have to look far to see where this has happened.

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