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Aerial Views of part of Warrington. 1.


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Some aerial views of part of Warrington.




Looking north east over Stockton Heath, grey roof of Aldi bottom right.




Bottom right is Bridge Lane with Stockton Lane just above it, Cantilever Bridge centre left.



Howley suspension bridge, Riverside retail park top of picture, Latchford Weir is out of picture centre left.



Stockton Heath, Morrisons centre right.



Knutsford Road swing bridge, Latchford High level railway bridge, right.



Stockton Heath swing bridge'



St Elphins Church, Sainsburys left of picture



Howley Victoria Suspension bridge, latchford weir centre top.



Similar to above picture.



Knutsford road swing bridge, Alcan works top far right.


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Ouch last three comments may land you all in trouble in some way  :lol:


Great pics Algy and some I can recognise the ones like Stockton Heath Swing Bridge/Morrison and the wobbly white bridge at Howley near the old warps. That used to freak me out as a kid when it swayed as we walked over it from grandma's house to Victoria Park and back.


.....but the others I can't quite place.  Clues please

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You're a balloonist Algy? Me and my husband had a balloon flight last year, very bumpy landing which was quite scary. 

Am I heck Trace!, don't take any notice of what i say when replying to Baz and Co. you have to realise you have to be as daft as them, I found the photos on the net and thought that they would be of interest to all on here, any objections and I shall remove them. They are only small format so of no use for commercial distribution.

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OK, thanks, I've got my bearings now.    Are these photos going to disappear any time soon?

Roughly two months then I have a clean up, I now tend to leave old Warrington photos on a while longer however they will go eventually.

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Dizzy, I will give you 5,000 pounds if you go up in a balloon. Genuine offer.


Genuine offer my @^&*  :lol: .... I'm not stupid Cleo and you'd offer someone else on here twice as much to sit in their garden and aim and fire as I passed over... even though they would probably do it for free anyway  :wink:

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