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Captain and Commander


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I think you failed to appreciate the BBC series ROME due to perceived inaccuracies. You see, it's pretend stuff, paper-maiche sets and rubber swords. The actors haircuts or coiffures may not be accurate and the dialog has to be guessed at because there were no recordings back then. In ROME I learned that because there was no coffee or tea then, guests were offered water, sometimes water with honey or flower flavors. I mean: I didn't know that I ALEADY knew that. But I understand some time, trouble, and money has been put to 'entertainment use' if not purely academic use. I enjoy academic, historic works - having read all eleven volumes of Will and Ariel Durants THE STORY OF CIVILIZATION, twice, but I grant poetic license or something like it to entertainers.

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Master & Commander: enjoyed the movie for what it is. Never pondered whether it is historically accurate, assumed it isn't - just a screen version of Patrick O'Brian's work of fiction.


Re Russell Crowe - not an individual I'd go out of my way to meet, but do enjoy some of his roles (eg 'Beautiful Mind')- as for 'Gladiator', boring & able to be summarised in 5 words: "My name's Maximus, wanna fight?".

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