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It really is timeout for London

Latchford Locks

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Yet another sub 2,000 crowd at the Stoop just what kind of image is this projecting to the casual sky viewer ?

Even I felt uncomfortable looking at the empty stadium.

So lets bite the flippin bullet they obviously must be replaced or even just removed NOW !

I know this sounds rash and harsh but in all honesty enough is enough.

It would be a lot kinder than to just watch the team(inevitably)wither and die over the next season or two.

We are flogging a dead horse - most Londoners clearly aren't bothered whether RL is in London or not, so why should the rest of us care?  The game grew for 85 years without (for the most part) a team in London. I'm sure it could continue to prosper without one now.

Apart from any other considerations I don't reckon we can afford a club in London, not when Cas are struggling and Salford and Bradford have been struggling.  Consolidate into the heartlands, built up the strength of the game hopefully on the back of a successful World Cup campaign.

So come on Red Hall it's time, lets take a deep breath and do the deed..........



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They bring very little to the feast, just a few stragglers in the West Stand, it's arguable whether or not they bring more than the Froggies....After 30+ years they still can't manage even a 2,000 home crowd...The game in general and the clubs in particuar would benefit cash wise if the long established clubs in the game such as Halifax Featherstone or Leigh were back in the league. At least they would bring a better level of support.Broncos sugar daddy must have spent millions in financial support for this failure...It isn't normal for high financial fliers to chuck good money after bad in such a big way. Perhaps the RL authorities would be doing him a favour and put him out of his misery.

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Bin London and the Frogs and focus on getting Leigh and a Cumbrian outfit back in Super League.

Should concentrate on Rugby League heartlands not some fanciful expansion of the game.

It hasn't worked trying to expand beyound the traditional boundaries for more than a century - so why should it change?

They can't even get a title sponsor for the competition and gave it away for nothing last year!

Game is becoming a laughing stock!

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I think Catalan are here for the long run... Good crowd ,good form and stadium development makes them the envy of many M62 sides.

I have been several times and the locals are mad keen and love to talk about the game.

Everything in fact that London don't have.

I think the next move could be a second French team although Toulouse were a bit of a damp squib when they tried .

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It seems the Broncos are slowly getting the heave-ho from their union landlords.


With the Stoop still struggling to recover, the club have announced that next weekend's meeting with Bradford, originally scheduled for Friday, has been moved to Saturday and Wycombe's Adams Park ground.



"With Harlequins set for a Heineken Cup quarter-final at the Stoop next Sunday, the decision has been taken to preserve the pitch as much as possible."


Or in plain English.."Sod Off"  :angry:

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Yesterday was a dark day for our sport ..Cup Semi Final in front of a ground roughly a third full.

But worst of all was the shame London brought to our game.

No wonder we can't get any sponsors I mean who would want to be associated with this kind of occasion.

Their total lack of passion or even interest was blatently apparent.

I bet Jamie Soward is on line at this moment booking the next flight back home.

Lets hope Wire and Hull can do something to repair the damage this afternoon.

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This dead horse has been flogged for almost 40 years, it took long enough for the penny to drop. Even Tony Smith in today's Guardian has stern words about these Itinerants pointing out the fact they had only 6 players in a pre-season preparation, finally putting a team together on the eve of the new season...Very unusual for Mr Smith to be so vocal in his criticism of another club...I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to decide in a couple of seasons that the game really does need a London presence and another motley crew of travellers will be fast tracked into Superleague. Another 40 years and millions of pounds chucked down the drain...The sight of 4,000 Leythers in the west stand will be most welcome next season compared with the bedraggled 30 or so Cockneys the Broncos brought with them....The Leythers will also be putting around 70,000 quid into the club's coffers. Not to be sniffed at.

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I must say though that in yesterday's swan song the Londoners  seemed to have more about their attack than in previous visits & don't forget they are now a club that is bringing through local talent that has gone on to bigger clubs. May be their influence on the Home Counties amateur game is bigger than we think.

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