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In old age a trail of beauty.

harry hayes

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The angels took my dear wife Audrey, yesterday morning.      After 53 years of marriage, well, just say she will be missed.


I actually wrote this a day or two earlier, but have amended the words slightly.




To a lady who thought with love of me,

Precious memories willl remain;

I no longer hear your loving words,

Nor ever shall again.


Time has passed since first we met,

But memories fill my mind;

You unlocked my love without a key,

And the whole of nature smiled.


Perfection for a time we found,

It came with Cupid's darts;

Flowers; trees; cloudless skies,

Roses in our hearts.


Heights of joy never reached before,

As we walked hand in hand;

Your face; those eyes, so beautiful,

Only lovers understand.


Dear one it's midnight now,

Deaths shadow clouds your face;

'Love is but a flower you said'

Each petal still in place.




Please say a prayer for Audrey Hayes.


Happy days

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The love and peace of Allah be upon you Harry dear.

Take comfort from the knowledge that your wife is no longer suffering but will be in paradise waiting for the day it is time for you to join her there, then no more will you ever need to be parted. I call upon Allah to comfort you and to guide you through these dark days.

Peace and blessings be upon you Harry dear.

I promise you this - when at last you throw off your mortal coil and join Audrey in paradise, the time between now and then will seem just like a night spent in sleep. Believe me Harry that is true.

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