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Real Madrid Vs Man Unt

Lt Kije

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Can't understand what all the fuss is about - foot clearly up kung fu style and then all the play acting.

Seen people sent off for a lot less.

United actually played better with 10 men and created chances - Real Madrid scored two clinical goals and deserved to win.

Time to move on and hope Arsenal can produce a miracle to keep the English flag flying!

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- foot clearly up

Correct...............  perhaps it's time we banned all over-head kicks, the foot can't get much higher than that. :roll:


Should have been a yellow. Not saying it would have been a different result but the conversation would now be about the football rather than the referee.


I really enjoyed the night despite the result, the atmosphere was the best it has been all season. I'm biased but I agree with Jose in that the best team lost.


Still, I prefer to be in it and lose rather than not in it at all.

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What a prat - from the BBC website

"A football fan was so disgusted with the referee's decision to send off Nani in Tuesday's Champions League clash with Real Madrid he called 999.

The 18-year-old Manchester United supporter was watching at home in a village near Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

He felt the red card shown to the United winger was a crime so called police.

He later apologised for the call, saying he was caught up in the moment. Police will not take any action."


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I have to say I've seen red cards given for less and no cards given for worse (Suarez usually - must be his cute baby face!) but the referee calls it as he sees it. It was a reckless challenge which could have ended badly. I'm sorry United got knocked out but they should have made more of the chances they had before the sending off. I do think that the moans afterwards were over the top, Roy Keane called it right on ITV afterwards.

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