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Would you do this?.


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Feeding time at the zoo, if only the could work out how to get the 'meat safe' open.





These people put a lot of faith in plastic or glass!.





This Scottish photographer was trapped in this cage protected only by perspex for 40 minutes while the 1000lb bear was trying to work out how to get at him, until it eventually became bored and wandered off, probably came back later with an oxy - acetylene cutting torch. The photographer on his release said it was the most frightening experience in his life.





That big white loves having his chin tickled.





There is no way I would do that!.





That's one big mean fish.





I think the crock/alligator really means it.





Redneck family (not my description) transporting a bull on the back of a pick up.





Only the bonnet is on the animal side the rest of the vehicle and public are the other side protected by an armoured  plate glass window.





What I want to know is who took the photos?.

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What I want to know is who took the photos?.


Someone with a massive zoom lens I hope :lol:


To answer your question...............


I think the only ones I might do are the last two ie the 'Lion on the bonnet' and the other with the armour plated glass. 


Of course I'd have to google the full spec of the glass first to make sure it couldn't  actually break.


Might do the crock one too (where the people are suspended in the air over it) but only if I was in a cage rather than a perspex box


As for the person tickling the great whites chin after it has clearly given the cage a right bash... well NO WAY would I go in one of those let alone poke my arm out. 


My son  mentioned a while ago that he had watched a programme about the chap with the polar bear (I'm presuming it was the same one as in your pics Algy) and he said it was very scarey to watch.  Apparently they weren't entirely sure whether it was strong enough to withstand a polar bears strength and determination (or so they said) and at one point the bear nearly managed to move and tip it and it could have got to him.    Maybe that was intentional though to scare the viewers :wink:



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