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Phil Vievers


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Several Superleague coaches, including Tony Smith have condemned Salford's decision to dismiss Phil Vievers from the coaching job...Call me an old cynic but this Dr Koukash could be a dodgy character....Claims have been made that he is an international property developer and worth millions but despite extensive internet searches I can't find any evidence of this...The only non-RL activities I have found against his name are his activities in the horseracing world where he claims winnings of a million pounds in over a hundred races which would probably mean a net loss...His other interest is of an arranger of corporate seminars which involves talking long and hard usually about bullshine...No millions there. He sounds a very good subject for some sharp journalist who knows what he / she is doing.

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Well Safe's say what you will about this guy but he certainly knows how to get newspaper coverage and publicity...



Maybe you were prejudging his rather flamboyant persona .

And maybe ..... just maybe he is the kick up the rear end our game needs ????





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Salford mustn't be anywhere near the salary cap maximum hence the audacious bid for Sam Tomkins, if indeed it was a serious bid...There's nothing stopping Dr Koukash getting his hand in his pocket right now and splashing the cash that's if he's got any...What's the old saying ? Put your money where your mouth is.

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