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Definitely not Picasso


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I noted in the topics a few days ago that not many people appreciated Picasso's 'art'.   Recently I received an e-mail with about forty attached paintings by a Utah farmer (of his family I think).  His name is Robert Duncan and these are just a sample, I hope that you like them.   The pictures will be added anon, thanks to Dizzy, who I have pestered to death the last three days.
here you go Stallard.........



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pictures added :)
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Not saying he didn't PJ, just a matter of horses for courses.  Some people appreciate this and some that.  This course just happens to suit me.  I didn't have the means to reduce the size of the pictures so Dizzy is kindly going to add them. 

I know, I was just saying that not everyone on here didn't appreciate his stuff.  The Robert Duncan images are very distinctive, I quite like some of them.  Did he do some Christmas ans Santa paintings?  I think I have seen some of them if he did.

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Stallard, They are absolutely amazing they depict life so realistically, his skill is unquestionable. Regarding Picasso I'm afraid he does nothing for me I think that many of the artists of his era had a very colourfull or tragic life and without their stories there paintings would not be hung on public convenience walls, only my opinion of course. Give me Turner any day!. :D

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I have to confess that I don't know PJ.  The impression that I got from the person who sent them to me was that he was an amateur, I may be wrong.  The images are so personal, they probably would have a restricted market - mores the pity.  I'll have to Google him.

I ageee Obs, again, mores the pity, kinda like David Shepard in the UK.    I guess Algy, that 'Capernica'  (did I spell it right?) is the best example of what you mean.

Thanks again Dizzy.

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It's a bit like comparing apples with oranges though: they're completely different, but it's ok to like both of them.


Or, bits of both of them.


I've been watching some re-runs of Cheers lately (ITV4), Sam and Diane moved in together and the only thing Sam brought with him was one of those pictures of dogs playing poker.


It worked perfectly to illustrate the differences of opinion around "Art" Vs "Not Art".


Not worth getting worked up about really.

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